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Merel van den Berge

1 Actor Coaching Intensive-1hr-Private Session,Paris


Create authentically and become a professional experiencer and craftsperson in this 1 hour intensive session with Celia Anne Browne.

Product Description

In each session Celia will guide you through Instrumental and Craft Techniques that are masterful. If you are a working actor, or have the interest to expand your mastery of the Craft, Celia Anne’s coaching sessions are intensive workouts. They are direct, visceral and encourage you to approach creative material with intelligence and insight. These sessions will expand the repertoire of your instrument and give you the command to believably express moment to moment your experience and the capacity to be in relationship, in ensemble. You will grow adept at creating a compelling, true to life character amidst given circumstances and honestly with pathos, humor and in dramatic events, you will be riveting to the viewer at the authenticity you convey. The work is truthful, courageous, irreverent and exciting, life and performance changing.