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Christopher Hunter

4 Rock The Audition! Skype Worldwide Package!


For the Working Actor, Celia will coach you to give a great Audition!
Four 30 minute sessions to use, as you book those Auditions and Self-Tape
These sessions can be used to counsel on a specific project as well.

Product Description

Rock The Audition!

Four 30 minute Sessions for AUDITIONS + counsel on PROJECTS !
via Skype or Phone

SELF TAPE + EDIT IN PARIS- Add 30 minutes

Acting Coaching Sessions to prime for an Audition and Self-Tape!
Don’t have a breakdown, breakdown the script with smarts. Make strong choices and be prepared and confident, ready to stand in the light, letting your unique presence shine through! Impress them with who you are as a Professional Craftsperson and Actor and leave them wanting more.

You can also use these sessions to counsel on a Project you are about to embark on!
In these 30 min. sessions, Celia Anne can set you on the path for working on your project
with maximum creativity. 30 minute sessions will be enough time for Counsel.
For full Coaching, more time can be created!

Note: For Auditions or Specific Projects Only