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Yoga and Natural Healing Workshops

yogaembodyment3WORKSHOPS ON TOUR!

Here are some samplings of Yoga workshops Celia Anne has taught in Los Angeles and On Tour!

Locations have included: Topanga Canyon, Benedict Canyon and Silverlake in Los Angeles, California; Big Island and Maui Hawaii, Santa Fe and Taos New Mexico; Amsterdam, Holland; Copenhagen, Denmark


“Celia Anne creates the quality of space where the participant can feel comfortable and explore deeply. This supportive environment moves beyond technical details, to the illumination of the individuals unique gifts. This is freedom because it is freedom of being simply who you are.”

Randall Barolet, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Co-Author of Herbal Formulas and Strategies

“…with Celia…is an experience of opening ones awareness, lifting up ones vibration, and experiencing connectedness with oneself and others. Through the gently and provocatively guided practices, one experiences a true sense of bring lifted to a higher realm of consciousness. Celia’s labor of love is a true gift to help shift us into a new paradigm of world peace and union with the divine in all, the true purpose of Yoga.”

Monica Mesa, Yoga For The Peaceful Founder/Creative Director
Global teacher with Shiva Rea & the Prana Flow Collective


“David Life and Sharon Gannon believe that yogis and yoginis can be spiritual activists in the world as well as focused aspirants on the mat. Celia has taken their guidance to the streets, travelling internationally for the past few months, and to the Maui back roads leading to Haiku…
Celia guided us gracefully and wisely… At one moment we shared our intentions. For the day’s healing and the seventy one year old woman to my right looked into my eyes and agreed that the divide in American politics is deeply disturbing to her as well. As I settled back into meditation, I realized this is the work of community building…”
Todd M. Wilson 


“A deeply peaceful experience of journaling, mantra, journeying & sharing. I felt very deeply connected to the other participants and then the planet during the workshop—and an opening of my heart to the welfare of others (and the connectivity of All) Thank you.”
David Jonas









“I was blessed to participate in this wonderful event with Celia Anne.This is an opportunity to be truly of service, healing yourself and the world at the same time, in joy and with pleasure.”

Peggy Anne Dicaprio

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Celia and Nicole

Venice California
Celia with friend Nicole Torre,
Award-Winning Documentarian and Producer
Didier Gauducheau, Photographer