Invest in your craft.

Services are designed to merge The Eric Morris Method of Acting with skills including Meditation, Creative Visualization, Proactive Living, Empowered Choice Making.

This approach elevates the actor’s level of consciousness, allowing them to access a more authentic, visceral connection to their character as well as to their inner-self and the outer world they inhabit.

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Weekly Pro Workshop

Photo Credit: Didier Gauducheau

Photo Credit: Didier Gauducheau

Designed with the professional actor in mind, the weekly group class meets on Mondays at a studio on Rue Martel in Paris' 10th arrondissement. 19h-22h. More information →

Private Sessions

Photo Credit: Octave Karalievitch

Photo Credit: Octave Karalievitch

Private Sessions are 60 or 120 minutes of intensive one on one instruction. If you are preparing for an upcoming performance or seeking to expand your craft Private Sessions offers you invaluable personalized attention.  More information →


Skype Sessions


While Celia is based in Paris, France her services are available to actors from around the globe. Private sessions conducted via Skype are just as effective and rewarding.  More information →

On Set Coaching


On Set Coaching is the ultimate in professional one on one instruction. Actors who want to consistently deliver with every take should strongly consider this package. More information →