PAckage 4

On Set Coaching Sessions.


On Set Coaching is the ultimate in professional one on one instruction. Actors who have landed a role and want to consistently deliver with every take should strongly consider this package. 

With directorial approval, Celia will accompany an actor on set to help prepare for performances. Coaching is tailored to each actor depending on the role and filming schedule. This package is for the professional actor seeking close coaching on set, anywhere in the world. Get help with the trickiest scenes, the most demanding moments and the toughest requirements of your job


On Set Coaching is results driven and the work can be focused on a variety of objectives such as navigating a commanding scene or script, a complex and intriguing character, an actor's first job, transitioning from a previous profession into acting, or simply an additional support system. 

Learn how to manage self-doubt, create truthful performances, cope under pressure, and decompress and celebrate a job well done, after filming has wrapped. 

Price: Upon request and consultation