Actor Stories

“If you want to create authentically and become a professional experiencer and master craftsperson, Celia Anne Browne will take you there.”

Eric Morris - International Teacher and Author of ten books including the classic,
No Acting Please.



"Thanks to Celia, I have learned a different way to use my instrument.  She taught me how to relax and how to activate my senses making me available to every kind of stimulus. With her you go deeper. I am still surprised how quickly I can access emotions now. Celia really creates a safe, environment where you can learn, explore and try new things. She taught me how I could be different characters, that everything I needed was within. She has the gift to see the real you. Acting is truly living and you remember it with her."


“J’ai trouvé en Celia plus qu’un professeur. Sa sensibilité et sa connaissance en tant qu’experte de l’art de l’acteur en font un guide essentiel et bienveillant pour atteindre la vérité devant la caméra. A ses côtés j’ai grandi non seulement en tant qu’actrice mais avant tout en tant qu’artiste. Elle m’a ouvert à de nouvelles perspectives de rôles en m’aidant à développer toute la palette émotionnelle de mon instrument. Avec elle on ne joue pas, on vit. Merci Celia.”

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“I was blown away by the progress I was able to make.
You’ve managed to rekindle my love for Acting and taught me a lot about myself along the way.”

Anica Pommeray

''Celia has not only helped me grow as an actor, but as a human being. By providing a safe space to fully feel, experience and just "be", every class with Celia has led to a fascinating exploration of the human experience. 

I have gained precious tools to use when preparing for a role but, most of all, Celia has consistently encouraged me to be fearless and reach for a higher and more meaningful form of creativity. 

Working with Celia has made me fall even more in love with the art of acting and I will be forever grateful for everything she has taught me!”


Photo Credit: Octave Karalievitch

Photo Credit: Octave Karalievitch

Lucien Bonnet

''An actor most certainly carries a disregarded flaw.
Celia discerns where it is  and she pins it.”

ingrid ivorra

"Celia Anne Browne is one of the greatest teachers and human beings I have had the chance to encounter and work with. Not only is she talented, but she is also open, caring, kind, hard working: when given an exercise or a scene she will listen very closely to extract the best experience out of us. She searches for experiences and emotional journeys rather than performance and embraces the differences that make us who we are as actors and uses it to fuel our work. It probably is the most transformational ride to self discovery and acting, I have been on. Hang on tightly because you’re about to enter a whole new dimension of acting! "

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"Celia’s passion for the craft of acting is tangible. She has an immense sensibility and acumen for emotions, creating a collaborative and earnest creative environment. Celia’s diehard encouragement allowed me to explore the darker depths of my characters, and the authority to shape explosive performances."