The actor is powerful.


Aspiring and working actors alike will understand just how powerful the actor’s instrument can be. As they develop a character or walk into an audition room, actors must harness the power of presence, their senses, imagination, emotional life, intuition, memory and impulses. While acting is a craft rooted in creativity and discovery; navigating through the industry is difficult. Acting is a demanding profession; one that requires resilience and a strong sense of self worth. My mission is to create the space for actors to cultivate those qualities.

Through Meditation, Sensitizing and exercises to create a "Being" state, my students are able to first quiet their minds becoming present in the moment of now, a skill just as valuable in our hyper-connected daily lives as it is on a busy film set. Consistent practice opens students up to an increased awareness of themselves and their characters. In this way, actors are able to create from a place of deep authenticity. We work at not only accessing the full range of our instrument, but also on how to decompress after a role, letting go of a character and re-assuming our identities.

The actor is a Shaman. Sometimes misunderstood as pretending, the actor with precision, embodies a role, drawing from life experience, imagination, creating from the inside out and outside in, believably invested in the given circumstances of the characters journey. The actors task is not trickery, but rather an immersion in truth telling that transforms and is Shamanic in nature. 


The Eric Morris System of Experiential Acting is perfectly aligned with the guiding principles of Yoga and Meditation, as it focuses on liberating the actor from mental obstacles, emotional roadblocks, dependencies, and tension; ultimately freeing the actor to act. This fusion creates what I call The Conscious Actor. I believe that this type of training not only produces skilled actors but also molds confident and mindful human beings. 

Now more than ever, actors must invest not only in their craft mastery  but also in their holistic wellbeing. It is my hope that I can empower actors to live and work mindfully, as their most authentic selves.

The Conscious Actor journeys within for self-awareness, and with profound listening,  deepens their compassionate understanding of the human condition and the world around them.

Actors attracted to the journey of The Conscious Actor are often engaged in some sort of humanitarianism, animal or ecological supportive activity as actors working in this way, are often highly sensitive people who long to do good in the world.

I encourage the actors I work with to be proactive and empowered.

Many of my students pursue work as producers, directors, writers, editors and other related arts, as well as that of actors. By creating their own material or in ensemble, actors are less desperate for others to give them a job.

The Conscious Actor is relaxed, open and activated to create opportunities.

The Conscious Actor is a contemporary actor, who when  experiencing No Acting Please, is infinitely creative, irreverent, exciting, courageous and beyond all, truthful.




Celia leads a class through guided meditation in Paris, France.

Celia leads a class through guided meditation in Paris, France.